Sioux Falls, SD

07/29/14 6:00 PM
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VIP Upgrades (Fan Club Only): Tuesday, 6/17 at 10am - local market time
VIP Upgrades (General Public): Wednesday, 6/18 at 10am PST
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The District
4521 West Empire Place
Sioux Falls , SD 57106
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    On Mon, Jun 16, Rambow said:

    So excited to come to your show! My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary there! Here is the note i wrote when I gave him the tickets: It's amazing that we started this journey of marriage 15 years ago! I am so lucky that I got to marry my Best Damn Friend!
    I went to the Wishing Well and I wished for you!
    If I Had A Million Dollars I would give it to you, no question! But I might have to pull a Bank Job to get it!
    It only took me One Week to know I was in love. I remember Falling For The First Time. We were so young! I was too young for Alcohol! We were Lovers In A Dangerous Time! When I Fall, I fall hard! I was a little older the Grade 9!
    Odds Are I will love you forever! You Make My Heart Fly!
    Some days you should Pinch Me, because I love you so much!
    I remember the Old Apartment we used to live in when we were first married. It seems like yesterday!
    I always think "What a Good Boy" you are and an amazing husband and father. I am a Boomerang that will always come back to you! You always make me Smile!
    You know anytime you Call I Will Answer! I will let you Off The Hook once in a while and not say Told You So!
    For You, I will do anything. I keep so many memories in a Shoe Box that is overflowing.
    It's amazing I was Testing 1, 2, 3 in 2001, 2004 and 2010 and we were Having A Baby!! Because Who Need's Sleep, right? Those kids sing their Crazy A, B, C's all the time and keep us on our toes! And we have had 3 amazing kids in the Baby Seat!
    I will always be your Yoko Ono, Enid or your Jane and you can be my Brian Wilson (just don't stay in bed all day!) or my Jerome! When You Dream, do you dream of me? I do of you! Maybe I was your Alternative Girlfriend? I was never a Gangster Girl! I know I will not have to wonder Am I the Only One?

    I sometimes think It's All Been Done, but then we come up with a new adventure in our lives! We always have fun In The Car on our adventures!
    You captured The Flag on my heart and are more then a Pollywog In A Bog to me! You are the Great Provider!
    Even though we don't celebrate Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah, we have experienced a Green Christmas in Florida and Georgia! I will celebrate with you always!
    I know You (won't) Runaway! Even though I run late and you know She's Never On Time!
    The Ninja's can't tear us apart! You always will be my Big Bang! The printer may be Running Out Of Ink, so I better wrap this up! I can't wait for you to Wrap Your Arms Around Me!
    So This Is Where It Ends! I can't wait to say Hello City and see The Barenaked Ladies July 29th in Sioux Falls with you! Thanks That Was Fun! I remember you introducing me to their music in 1997! I can't wait to see what the next 50 years brings! I love you! I am just Keppin' It Real!


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